Time for SOUP!

As of last Thursday it is officially fall in the Treasure Valley! It has been a terrific summer, yet we are ready for the cooler weather and the opportunity for Jason to showcase one of his renowned culinary talents – making SOUP! Starting next week, Jason will always have two different HOT soups available during service hours. Ask about setting up a weekly soup delivery to your office so you can enjoy all of his unique and delicious handcrafted creations! We may set up a soup of the week club!!! This week Jason is serving BBQ Chicken Lentil and Green Gazpacho (chilled).

As some of you may know, Jason was a long-time employee at Bar Gernika and was largely responsible for making their famous soups. In fact, Jason loves soup so much he wrote a soup cookbook! Archie’s Little Book of Soups is available for preview and purchase here. You will find recipes for over 30 soups in this compact publication – a GREAT gift idea for all soup lovers!

As the weather becomes milder and transitions to the cold winter temperatures we tend to turn to soups. Soup is a great way to showcase harvest veggies from your garden and it also warms the kitchen and the soul. What’s your favorite soup?


2 thoughts on “Time for SOUP!

  1. French green lentil is my favorite to make right now. You need to try Tapia’s Golden Harvest soup. Holy shit good stuff! Keep on truckin’!

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