This week at Archie’s Place

Soups this week are Veggie Chili and Mushroom Bisque. Sandwich specials available ONLY at the Food Truck Rally on Friday are Pizza Grilled Cheese and Bleu Cheese Bacon! Find the truck and purchase your Soup Club membership AND your Think Boise First 20×20 card while they last!

Here’s where you can find Archie’s Place this week:

Monday 12/5: 5-9pm at the Record Exchange for the Bonus Club Sale (FREE BEER!)

Tuesday 12/6: 11am-3pm lunch at 10th & Grove St. downtown

Wednesday 12/7: CLOSED

Thursday 12/8: Private lunch catering

Friday 12/9: 5-9pm Food Truck Rally at the North End Organic Nursery. Bring a donation for the Toys For Tots Foundation!

Saturday 12/10: 9am-5pm Savvy Shopper Extravaganza at Red Line Recreational Toys, Inc. (535 N. Locust Grove in Meridian)

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