Bring on the snow (and breakfast tacos)!

Here in the Treasure Valley winters are different each year. Snow, no snow, you name it. So the lack of snow here in town isn’t a total oddity for us. However, this winter has been VERY different up at Shafer Butte. Our local mountain recreation resort, Bogus Basin is normally open by now – and much to our chagrin, there is a mere dusting of snow as of yet. The weatherman has some good news – there is a prediction that a storm system might move through here mid-week and may just provide a hefty dumping of enough snow to allow Bogus to open! So warm up your wax and get ready to hit the slopes soon – cross your fingers for some ski action this Saturday!

If Bogus opens this Saturday, Archie’s Place is gearing up to be at the bottom of the hill (in the parking lot of Greenwood’s Ski Haus to be specific) selling breakfast tacos and coffee on Saturday from 8am(ish)-11am(ish) followed by normal lunch menu items until 3pm(ish). Think breakfast burrito but smaller (read: more affordable) and with Archie’s Place flair! So stop by and grab a bite before you head up the hill or on your way back! Breakfast menu will be posted soon, along with further details as the week (and weather) develops. You can expect tacos with your choice of scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, potatoes, served with a side of house salsa. Otherwise, you can catch Archie’s Place at these locations this week:

Tuesday and Thursday 11am-3pm lunch at 10th & Grove St. downtown

Friday Happy hour at Payette Brewing in Garden City

If Bogus Basin opens this weekend Saturday 8am(ish)-3pm(ish) breakfast tacos and lunch at Greenwood’s Ski Haus (2400 Bogus Basin Road)

Sunday 9am(ish)-6pm(ish) for Round 1 of the Winter Points Sunday Series at TQ Speedway and Hobbies in Meridian (501 Scenery Lane)


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