Archie’s Place opened in May 2011 and was created by and owned/ operated by Jason Farber – a native Idahoan who has worked in the restaurant industry in Boise for 20 years. He began working at Bar Gernika restaurant when he was 19 years old and downtown looked different than today; there were few restaurants and no Qwest Arena, and one could watch the sun set from Bar Gernika. Much has changed since that time, including a need to expand the relationship of Idahoans to their food and dining habits.

Jason attended culinary school at Boise State University and learned about all aspects of the food service industry, from the ordering and stocking to working as a line cook or head chef, as wait staff and as baker. He worked in one of the food and wine capitols of the world, Sonoma, California, where he worked at a French Basque Bakery, a Mayan Restaurant, as a breakfast chef for a 3-course Bed-and Breakfast, and worked his way up to sous chef at the popular Heirloom French Bistro on the historic Sonoma Square. Influenced by the California Cuisine movement, he learned about using the availability of fresh vegetables and herbs, and creating new dishes with these items. Although Jason owns over 300 cookbooks and counting, he has never been one to make classic dishes, preferring to make his own versions of dishes.

Jason returned to Bar Gernika to work after returning home from California. His creativity in the kitchen has led him to create the recipes for some of the most popular soups in Boise that can be found on the menus of Bar Gernika and the Basque Market. Jason enjoys making soups because they are an avenue for pure creativity for a chef, allowing them to follow the flow of flavors and experiment with new and different combinations.

Jason chose to name Archie’s Place after his three year old son, Archie, who contributes to Jason’s drive and inspiration.


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