Catering Packages

To schedule your catering, please call Jason at (208) 871-1455 or email

Mission Statement:  My goal for Archie’s Place catering is to provide great food at an affordable price. Bucking the traditional (as always), I offer casual catering. This will be a compostable and recyclable paper and plastic affair. I encourage you to involve your family and friends to cut costs. My simplistic approach and affordability will make your wedding/event more accessible and stress-free. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free options and alternatives always available. Combine options for price breaks – inquire for details.


Sloppy Joes- Kobe style ground beef in a smooth tomato basil sauce and/or fresh ground pork in a tangy tomatillo sauce served on a potato bun. Max 200 people $5 for 2, $7 all you can eat

Meat on a Stick- lemon chicken or spicy pork perfectly seasoned and grilled—great for summer. Max 200 people $6 for 2, $8 all you can eat

Sloppy Griddled Cheese- the star of Archie’s Place. Smaller events only: limited to max 50 people $6 each

Flank Steak Stew– tender beef, savory taters, and sauce, served with bread. Max 200 people $7 for 16oz, $9 all you can eat.

Carnitas Tacos- slow cooked pork, flour tortillas, napa cabbage, rustic salsa, green chile yogurt. Max 100 people $7 for 2, $9 all you can eat.

Hot Tamales- green chile tamales covered in red chile chicken or tomatillo pork, served with ranchero sauce and cotija cheese. Max 200 people $7 for 2, $9 all you can eat

Soups  served with bread, max 200 people, minimum 20 people

Carrot Ginger– simple, spicy, and elegant, served hot or cold. $3 cup, $5 bowl

Baked Potato Jalapeno- loaded baked potato in soup form, awesome. $3 cup, $5 bowl

Gazpacho- summer favorite, green or red. $4 cup, $6 bowl

**note:  there are many soups I love to make, these are just a few favorites

Salads  $3 per person, each

Romaine- with house made creamy herb dressing, gorgonzola, and berries

Fruit- summer is best, but can happen anytime with tempered expectations

Potato– traditional mustard and boiled egg or lemony fingerling

Treats $50

Cheese, Fruit, and Chocolate platter. Serves 25


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